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Executive Direct Primary Care Medical Plans

Executive Direct Primary Care Medical Plans

Total Access Medical is a leader in executive direct primary care medical plans with seven concierge physicians in the greater Philadelphia area including Southern New Jersey and Delaware. While the practice of offering physicals to executives has become more common, Total Access Medical delivers a critical component to executive wellness where many other health providers and hospitals fall short – ongoing care.

According to a Towers Perrin study, the median individual cost of an executive physical is $2,295, but what most companies fail to realize is that without an ongoing primary care relationship, they are spending money on an evaluation, not investing in wellness.

At Total Access Medical, the executive physical is simply our starting point. Through our direct primary care program, we emphasize an informed and ongoing doctor/patient relationship and the development of a personalized health plan. Simply put, our concierge doctors stick around after the physical and help patients properly manage, improve or maintain their health.

Through this unique and rapidly growing model, Total Access Medical helps companies protect their most valuable assets – their talent. Total Access Medical enables its patients to avoid the normal hassles and diminishing quality associated with primary care (long waits, little face time with doctors, lack of focus on prevention, etc.) while providing greater access to doctors, personal online patient profiles, personalized nutrition programs and a host of other benefits that promote prevention and wellness.

Executive Direct Primary Care Medical Plans Feature:

  • Annual Executive Physical exam – Each patient’s annual physical and health risk analysis is 1.5 – 2 hours long
  • Unlimited physician access – 24/7 access to your concierge physician via cell phone and personal e-mail
  • Direct service – At home or place-of-business visits from the doctor as medically needed
  • Convenient appointment scheduling – Same and next day office appointments
  • No waiting – Appointments start on-time
  • Thorough exams with no time restrictions – Our concierge physicians reserve a minimum of 30 minutes for each appointment
  • Seamless specialist and referral process – Expedited management and coordination of all specialist referrals and hospitalization
  • Timely follow-up – Our concierge physicians promptly follow-up on all exams (in and outside of office)
  • Personalized and private online health resources – Our Health eHub web portal offers information approved by your concierge physician, specific to your health conditions and lifestyle

All of these services, in addition to each exam, are paid for by an annual fee and do not require any additional payment in office (e.g., no co-pays, no bills for procedures, no separate office visit charges, etc.).

Enrollment Benefits (for the employer):
Total Access Medical’s program is well suited for any company employee. The model is ideal for busy executives and anyone working in a billable-hour environment –people who simply can’t afford to lose a half of a day to a doctor appointment. There are three main benefits for employers:

  1. An executive retention tool – A company’s biggest asset is its people and the delivery of a concierge physician to a company’s top talent sends a strong message. It demonstrates that the company values the employee and is making a commitment to a long-lasting relationship. Some Total Access Medical clients offer enrollment as a performance bonus.
  2. A productivity tool – A study in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine reported that executives who received physicals missed 45 percent fewer workdays and had 20 percent fewer health claims than those who didn’t. Additionally, those that participate in direct primary care programs with concierge physicians experience roughly 60% fewer hospital visits than persons in traditional primary care.
  3. A cost-saving strategy – At a salary of $125,000 per year, each sick day costs a company roughly $520 per employee (based on the average 48 week-per-year schedule). Using our program, the elimination of just a few sick days can generate significant savings company-wide.

Interested in learning more? Getting started with an executive direct primary care medical plan is easier than you might think.