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Self-Insured Companies & Corporate Health Programs

Self-Insured Companies & Corporate Health Programs

When a company decides to become self-insured, it’s taking a calculated risk. The company agrees that it will pay for all of its healthcare related expenses (doctor and specialist visits, employee surgeries, etc.) so it’s betting that it will cost less out-of-pocket to pay for these expenses alone than buy traditional health insurance from a carrier.

But talk to any insurance expert and they’ll tell you if you’re self-insured and don’t do anything to change the actual health of your employees, your company could be financially vulnerable.

Total Access Medical develops customized corporate health programs to deliver primary care services to self-insured companies. These programs help companies mitigate financial risk by helping employees stay healthy and get the less healthy well.

Providing dedicated and proactive direct primary care services to employees has proven to help reduce the need for unnecessary medical expenses. Specifically, Total Access Medical programs will help a company to:

  • Decrease the total number of sick days
  • Decrease total number of E.R. visits
  • Decrease total number of hospitalizations
  • Cut the average hospitalization length of stay in half
  • Increase productivity and prevent “presentee-ism”
  • Eliminate employee co-pays for primary care visits

All of these can add up to considerable savings and the more people a company enrolls, the more savings a company can generate.

Corporate Care for Families
Total Access Medical services are not limited to employees alone. Since our program includes employees’ family members, we’re helping to cap costs for the audiences on which most self-insured companies spend the most money—dependents. With seven doctors throughout Greater Philadelphia including Southern New Jersey and Delaware, Total Access Medical offers a broad enough footprint to serve the families of most companies in the region.

Interested in learning how Total Access Medical can keep your talent healthy and productive? Contact us and we can meet to discuss a program customized to meet your company’s needs.