Interested Physicians

Are you considering switching to a concierge business model? Whether you’re a solo physician or in a group, Total Access Medical offers a proven and secure solution to the ever-increasing business, legal and regulatory challenges of our complex healthcare system – a system that is often an obstacle to patient care and physicians being able to fully practice medicine. 

Total Access Medical is a leader in affordable, personalized preventive care, going far beyond concierge “fee-for-access” models that cater to the wealthy. Total Access Medical empowers patients to lead healthier lives through in-depth knowledge, expertise and one-on-one coaching from well-regarded primary care doctors. Total Access Medical empowers physicians with time to practice medicine the way they were trained, time to pursue personal interests and financial stability in today’s unpredictable healthcare environment.

Physicians preserve their professional autonomy in our membership-based model. Total Access Medical does not control how you practice. Our role is to provide you and your staff with leading-edge tools, resources and ongoing support so you can give your patients highly individualized medical care, along with an enhanced level of customer service and attention no longer possible in most primary care offices – all in a legally-sound model.

With practice size limited to no more than 600 patients, our physicians have time to provide immersive, dedicated care and proactively focus on patients’ entire health continuum. 

The Total Access Medical model enables you to enjoy a healthy, independent practice with financial protection from reimbursement changes, while affording you time to enjoy your personal life today and save for your future retirement. As pioneers of personalized healthcare, Total Access Medical has unmatched track record of facilitating successful practice transitions for physicians like you.

Let us find out if your practice is a good fit for the Total Access Medical model. Just fill out the form on this page, and we’ll be in touch. 

There is no cost for our evaluation of your practice, and no obligation.