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Family Programs

Whether for your family or just for yourself, get the best care to improve health and prevent illness.

Senior Programs

Our concierge doctors specialize in geriatric medicine to provide the best personalized health care for seniors.

Individual Programs

Individual programs that treat you like an individual. Enjoy the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits of direct primary care.

EHE Programs

Are you an EHE patient in the Greater Philadelphia Area? We have a plan tailored just for you!

About Our Direct Primary Care Plans

Direct primary care coupled with a concierge doctor service is for everyone. Just like the concierge services at the fancy hotel where they work closely with you to answer questions, fix problems, and offer recommendations, your concierge doctor does the same thing, providing you with complete and comprehensive medical care when you need it and according to your schedule.

Unlike the fancy hotel, however, Total Access Medical is not just for the wealthy or elite: it’s available to anyone who wants to regain control over their medical care. Yes, there is a cost, but we’ve designed our services to be as cost effective as possible.

Here are just some of the people our concierge doctors aim to help:

  • Always-on-the-go executives looking to find quality care that works with their schedule and busy lifestyle.
  • Busy moms who manage the health needs for everyone in the family, from the littlest baby all the way up to grandma who lives on the second floor of the home.
  • Individuals who love the idea of having regular access to their doctor–a doctor who is a partner in that person’s health.
  • Active seniors who seek a dedicated medical professional who will be thoroughly educated in the senior’s long and rich medical history.

Take the First Step

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