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Making a Difference in the Way Healthcare is Delivered

Boutique medicine and personal attention are simple solutions to a problem created by over-complication. Hear from the doctors, in their own words, why they chose boutique medicine.

Dr. Stumacher

“If you come to see me in the office you’re going to have the time and I’m going to have the time to deal with the issues of the day. And maybe sometimes issues that we haven’t talked about in a long time or issues that we didn’t even know that we needed to talk about.”

Dr. Weiss

“It’s very comforting. When I come into the emergency room and they see me, it just takes all of their anxiety away. I once again love what I’m doing.”

Dr. Pettinelli

“We had a patient that lives very far away from our office, was unable to come in, I was unable to get there at that moment, and was actually able to take a picture of a rash they had. And send it to us. Which saved them a lot of time and saved us a lot of time. That’s one of the new aspects of medicine. That we’re able to actually use technology to make a diagnosis.”

Dr. Perkins

“This is where this new concept of medical practice at Total Access comes into play here. We have time, unlimited time, with a patient. I encourage patients to, not only with me, but the sub specialists I send them to. Make sure you questions are answered.”

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