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We asked patients to explain how direct primary care has made a difference in their lives.

“I’ll be a member for life!”

“Total Access Medical is the best health care investment anyone can make. Short story about Dr. Perkins and his staff: In November 2010, after fainting in my kitchen, I found myself in the Bryn Mawr Coronary Care Unit. Dr. Perkins was there with me every day of my hospital stay. He held daily meetings with my cardiologists and them provided me with a personal consultation with updates. This kind of concern and care for patients is truly ‘old school.’”

Now here is the best part; I live alone and upon my discharge I had no ride home from the hospital. I called several friends – all were busy. My last resort was to call Dr. Perkins office for help. His nurse, Julie, immediately left the office and provided me with a ride home. She ensured that I had food and the house was in order. She also gave me a large container of Italian Wedding soup –excellent! This type of care and compassion for their patients is priceless. I’ll be a member for life!”

— Rick B.

“We feel incredibly blessed and lucky …”

“For weeks, my husband was suffering from severe pain in his stomach. For a while, he kept dismissing it thinking it was just some sort of bug. But it got to the point where it caused him so much pain that he was having trouble functioning during the day. I started to get really scared that he had stomach cancer or some other life-threatening condition. I finally put my foot down and demanded that he consult with the best gastrointestinal doctor I could find. I quickly realized that not only was it hard to figure out who was the best but getting an appointment with anyone was practically impossible. Out of all the doctor’s offices I called, the soonest anyone could see him was in six weeks.

I had been a patient of Dr. Sokoloff’s for over ten years and when he joined Total Access Medical I never gave a second thought about staying under his care. Although I had pestered my husband to join, he stubbornly resisted – until now. We obviously needed help and my husband saw how necessary it was to enroll with the program. When I called Dr. Sokoloff he had me bring my husband in right away.

Within 24-hours Dr. Sokoloff coordinated an appointment with the top gastrointestinal physician in the area who subsequently scheduled a series of tests. Through his continued oversight of the situation, my husband’s results came back quickly and all of the most worrisome possibilities were ruled out. He was ultimately diagnosed with an intensive gastrointestinal infection. Painful-yes, but life-threatening-no.

I was completely relieved that my husband would be okay and we owe it all to the Total Access Medical program and our personal physician advocate, Dr. Sokoloff. Without him and his staff, a top specialist would never have seen my husband nor would we have the peace of mind that goes with knowing the best physicians in the city are caring for us. We feel incredibly blessed and lucky that we have Total Access Medical and Dr. Sokoloff looking out for our medical healthcare needs.”

— Edith B.

“I owe my life, and the new incredible quality of my life …”

“It seemed the optometrist could never quite get my eyeglass prescription right. Now we both know why: diabetes.

Diabetes can wreck havoc with eyesight, as well as most of the body’s systems. At 46, it wasn’t until last year when I joined Total Access and began working with Dr. Murdoch, that I found out I had the disease, as well as a potential heart attack in the making.

I’d had some questionable blood sugar tests that seemed like flukes and a marginal one that caused my previous family physician to tell me I was fine. But I knew there was something wrong and that I needed a more comprehensive analysis.

I saw an ad in the paper for Total Access Medical and thought the services they offer might benefit me. When discussing the matter with my wife, I learned that one of her friends was a member. At her encouraging, I called Dr. Murdoch’s office to learn more about his program. Not only was I greeted on the phone by a live, friendly person, but much to my surprise, was asked to come in that same afternoon.

Once I had my diagnosis, Dr. Murdoch was insistent that I make changes and regain control of my body and my health. Specifically, he wanted me to lose 60 pounds. I told him that was crazy and besides, I’d played college basketball at 220. Dr. Murdoch quickly calculated my body fat and explained to me the difference between 200 lbs. of muscle and 250 lbs. of fat! It was obvious that excuses weren’t going to work, and I have to admit – it was motivating!

So motivating in fact, that I made the necessary dietary changes and began running every day. About eight months later, my weight has gone from an initial high of 250 down to a comfortable 190. I’ve not eliminated sugars completely, but I’ve drastically cut back. I find I have more energy and my blood sugar is now completely constant.

Under Dr. Murdoch’s expert care, I have not only taken off the weight but, as a result, been able to drop one of my medications and I have seen much improvement on my coronary scans. I hope my new habits and ongoing commitment to my health will serve as a good example for my three children.

I owe my life, and the new incredible quality of my life, to the caring expertise of Dr. Murdoch, his staff and Total Access Medical.

— David L.

“I was deeply impressed …”

“I woke up on a Friday morning extremely sick and completely exhausted. What to do? I tried and could not get an appointment with my doctor until the following week – and even that appointment was being squeezed in. My other choice was to go to the emergency room and wait several hours to meet with a doctor who would know nothing of my past medical history. My business partner had earlier told me of his past experience with Total Access Medical and how he believed Dr. Weiss had saved his life by quick emergency care when he needed it.

At 10:30 a.m. and getting worse, my wife called Total Access Medical. She said we wanted to join their new personal care program and could Dr. Weiss come to our home on the same day (Friday). Dr. Weiss’s office phoned back five minutes later stating Dr. Weiss would be at my home at 3:30 that afternoon.

At 3:30 p.m., Dr. Weiss arrived. After 45 minutes of detailed examination, blood work etc., he felt that a chest x-ray was imperative. After a few phone calls, I had an appointment at 8:15 the next morning.

By noon the following day, Dr. Weiss had called with the news that in addition to a virus I had pneumonia. He ordered my prescriptions and gave my wife instructions of what to do. One week later another x-ray was ordered to insure everything was under control.

I was deeply impressed with Dr. Weiss’s depth of examination, spending two hours on his first visit at my home because of the seriousness of the situation including an extremely weakened heart. What a satisfying feeling knowing I have a highly qualified concierge doctor available 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

I learned from this experience we long forget the price but never forget quality and depth of care when it involves our life.”

— Jon K.

“Boy, was I surprised!”

“I was receiving fragmented care. I had a good physician, but he was rushed. I had a few specialists for my diabetes but they couldn’t provide me with answers to all of my questions. I felt like somebody was missing something important but no one was talking.

The newspapers and television kept saying that health care was going to worsen over the next few years. Physician strikes would continue, access would be drastically limited and waiting rooms at the doctor’s office would always be filled to capacity. I was scared. I didn’t see an end to this crisis and I don’t have a lot of money for a private physician. I felt stuck in a system that was slowly killing me.

I saw an ad for Total Access Medical. Although fearful of the attached fee for the kind of services they provide, I figured it was worth my checking into. Boy, was I surprised. Upon arriving at their office, I was immediately escorted to a room where my affiliated physician was waiting for me. That’s right, waiting for me.

I now enjoy and benefit from dedicated, old-fashioned medical attention, including same day appointments, immediate exams, a direct phone number to my physician after hours and even monthly conference calls between my physician and diabetes specialist. I am embarrassed to say that I get all of this and more for less than I spend on my hair each month. And I don’t go to a fancy salon either.”

— Mary J.

“He knows me.”

“The experience is refreshing. The quality of care our physician provides is extraordinary, he’s available when I need him, and best of all, he knows me.”

— Richard F., Bala Cynwyd, PA

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