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Corporate Health Programs to Inspire Wellness within the Work Place

Total Access Medical developed corporate health programs to inspire wellness within the workplace. Your company reaps the benefits of corporate wellness in the short term, but more importantly in the long term, as well. By providing healthcare for your employees and encouraging them to take care of themselves, your company can save money from employee absenteeism. Ensuring fewer absences can boost morale and profits.

The benefits of corporate wellness aren’t limited to financial gains. Your company is made up of people who have lives and family outside of work. Promoting employee health extends beyond the workplace, leading to happier employees and emphasizing wellness on a larger scale.

You can choose from plans that cater to…

These plans offer the benefits of corporate wellness through comprehensive health exams and on-call physicians to cater to the employees’ needs. By coordinating yearly exams and vaccinations for the whole staff, you can encourage improvements in the wellness of your employees.

Corporate health programs are designed to meet a business’ specific needs. Features and services may vary. Please contact Total Access Medical to discuss how a personalized program can be developed.