Family Medicine When You Need It.

When your family is sick, you’re sick with concern, with fear, with worry—worry about what’s wrong, about whether they can be seen right away, and about how you’re going to juggle your schedule to accommodate the doctor’s, even when you know that no matter what you do, you’ll be cooling your heels in the waiting room forever.

Sound familiar? Here’s the thing: it doesn’t need to be this way, and it won’t be this way when you choose Total Access Medical for all of your family’s medical needs.

So what, exactly, is family medicine? It’s exactly as it sounds: you and those in your household see the same doctor every single visit—a doctor who gets to know each individual on an intimate level and who creates a custom health and wellness plan for each person

Whether yours is a family of one, two, six (or more!), family medicine is designed to address the typical needs each family member will have throughout the year.

Family medicine covers the following:

  • Diagnosing and treating acute illnesses
  • Performing routine checkups
  • Managing chronic illnesses
  • Instant access to our Total Wellness Network
  • Providing health risk assessments
  • Giving flu shots, vaccinations, immunizations
  • Conducting screening tests
  • Offering advice and recommendations on general health and wellness, since our doctors’ primary goal is to help prevent medical problems before they begin.

When you choose our family medicine specialty, you’ll enjoy all the great features and benefits that Total Access Medical offers, including same-day appointments, increased access to your doctor, instant access to our Total Wellness Network, and so much more.

“I used to go to a family doctor that felt like a factory and they never remembered me or my son. Now with Total Access Medical, I have unlimited access to my doctor and I see the same doctor every appointment so she really knows me. And unlike the other practice, she doesn’t make more money by seeing more patients so I get all the face-time I need with her. I never leave an appointment without covering every issue on my mind.”

– Tara M.

Are you interested in working with one of our doctors specializing in family medicine? Explore our doctors’ bios below and set up a complimentary appointment.” The first meet-and-greet with a doctor gives you the opportunity to determine if he or she is the right fit for you and your family.

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