Why Enroll in Direct Primary Care?

If you are a patient who values your time, has a serious interest in both short-term and long term health, and desires personal, individualized care from your physician, then direct primary care is ideal for you. Total Access Medical offers superior patient care by accommodating you, your busy schedule, and your individual medical requirements. Whether you have a chronic condition that demands a lot of time and attention or you live an active lifestyle and strive to maintain your health through preventive care, Total Access Medical offers features and benefits to meet your healthcare needs.

For example, check out our Total Wellness Network, which is available to all TAM members.

What if I decide to end my relationship with Total Access Medical?

You may cancel your membership at anytime. There is no penalty for early termination.

I spend 6 months out of the year out of the area. Is it still a benefit to sign up?

Yes. If you spend a lengthy period away from our practice, through careful selection your physician will coordinate your care with the best physicians and hospitals in your area. Additionally, your physician will have the ability to send your medical records to any physician or hospital in the world, immediately upon request. Most importantly, you will still have the opportunity to be cared for by a doctor who is dedicated to you well being, regardless of your residence.

In case of an emergency, what do I do?

Total Access Medical physicians are available for house or office calls, if medically necessary for acute illness. In the event of an emergency where hospitalization is required, your physician will facilitate your care ensuring you receive prompt and proper treatment. From meeting you at the hospital, checking on you throughout the day, and following up with hospital staff or specialists on tests or exams, your physician will continue to provide optimal care during your hospital stay.

What do I do when I need a specialist?

If requested, your Total Access Medical physician and support staff will coordinate your care with specialists, allowing for expedited appointments and timely follow-up. In necessary cases, your affiliated physician will even accompany you to your specialist appointment.

When can I schedule appointments?

You can schedule regular appointments at any time, whether online or by phone. Because many patients are busy and time-pressured, your concierge program allows for the convenience of same or next day appointments. Cancelling and rescheduling is never a problem as the schedule is designed to work around the needs of our patients. We do ask for 24 hours notice regarding any cancellation, however.

What happens when my doctor gets sick or is on vacation?

At the times when your personal physician is unavailable, another Total Access Medical concierge physician who has been updated on your current medical status will be available to treat you. Your personal physician will always be available by phone, however, to help facilitate your care.

How do I reach my doctor after hours?

You will be provided your physician’s personal cell phone and/or pager in case of emergency after hours. You will also be provided your physician’s personal e-mail address for any non-emergency issues or questions that may arise.

I am a Medicare patient. How does my insurance plan apply to this program?

Although Medicare rules and guidelines are quite complicated, Total Access Medical welcomes all Medicare recipients.

Does my insurance cover the annual enrollment fee?

Commercial insurance plans do not cover the Total Access Medical enrollment fee. However, we recommend that you continue to utilize your current insurance coverage for prescriptions, hospital services, and specialty care as those services are not covered by this program. If your company offers a Health Services Account (a.k.a. Flex Spending Account) you may be eligible for full or partial reimbursement toward your membership fee. Also, some plans award pre-tax reimbursement for medical services provided outside of traditional insurance coverage. Learn more about how concierge medicine and insurance work together.

What does this service cost?

Annual membership fees can be as little as $5.00 a day. Payment may be made on an annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly basis via any major credit card or check. You may even be eligible for a pre-tax Flex Spending account through your company. Imagine personalized health care and medical management for less than the cost of a premium cup of coffee.

What is the main difference between Total Access Medical and general primary care practices?

Total Access Medical provides our patients with solutions to their current healthcare frustrations. By offering comprehensive concierge medical service, Total Access Medical provides patients with focused, preventive medical care. No longer will you have to sit in a waiting room, schedule appointments months in advance, or be ignored by a physician who doesn’t have the time to listen.