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Direct primary care means no more bending your schedule to accommodate someone else.

It means no more lingering in waiting rooms for an eternity. It means no more wishing you had access to your doctor during “off” hours, like weekends and late at night (because, let’s face it: medical issues don’t run on a 9-5 schedule). It means no more rushed office visits with a merry-go-round of physicians who barely know your name, let alone your medical history.

Direct primary care puts you first. And that’s the way it should be, right?

Unfortunately, however, the current American healthcare system doesn’t operate that way. Over the last century, America’s medical practices have shifted dramatically due to politics and technology. Sure, there have been definite improvements within the field of medicine itself, but in the administering of that medicine, we’ve seen the system fail time and time again:

  • Doctors forced to see more and more patients, just to make ends meet
  • Patients who can’t seem to ever see the same doctor twice
  • Fractured technology and systems that don’t sync with each other
  • Office visits that last under 10 minutes
  • Unnecessary tests ordered because no one has time to dig deep and learn what tests are necessary for the patient, and which ones aren’t

And the list goes on and on.

Our Founder had Similar Frustrations

This is what led him to create Total Access Medical in 2002. With our direct primary care model, you pay an annual fee for unrestricted access to your concierge doctor. You won’t worry about copayments or scheduling appointments weeks in advance.

Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you choose Total Access Medical:

  • Increased access to your primary care concierge physician via personal cell and email
  • See the same doctor every visit
  • Annual Comprehensive “Executive” physical
  • Same-day and next-day appointments
  • 30 minutes allotted for each appointment
  • Telehealth appointments
  • Fewer patients
  • Online access to medical records and wellness tools
  • Specialist management and appointment scheduling

Take the First Step

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